Scale in VR Headset is small and Strange Proportion.

  • I use Samsung Odyssey headset and Enscape with sketchup.

    I and my friend found that when I use VR headset with enscape Everything in VR is small and strange Proportion

    sush as Dining table top is low. The room is smaller than real life.

    What do you think about this??

    (Sorry for bad english language)

  • Hello dongtuuyenblackpeony

    welcome to the forum. There are a number of things to consider with VR. First are you in "room scale" or "seated" mode. If you are in room scale, have you calibrated your headset's height properly. If you are in seated mode you will be offset to the configured height. Look into the settings and adjust the configured height to a value that matches you. For 2.6 we will be adding some improvements to the walk mode, including a minor fix for the viewing height. I would love to hear your feedback when the next preview is released.