Mesh Surface Quality

  • Hi

    I must admit that a have just started using Enscape with Sketchup and therefore looking for answers in the forum.

    I have a mesh in Sketchup imported as a .dae-file. This mesh has a surface comming from photogrammetry. I am wondering about the quality of the mesh. I attach a picture where you can see the Quality in Sketchup (left) and in Enscape (right). Can I improve the quality somewhere in Enscape? Are there some Parameters?

    Thank you.

    Regards, Rainer

  • I suppose this texture also stretches over a large area?

    Currently, textures get automatically down scaled to 2k x 2k. I recommend you split the object into four areas and apply a corresponding split texture to each area accordingly. This way you'll have four areas each with a 2k x 2k texture and the results should be better in the renderer itself.

  • Is there a way to find out what texture quality is used. How much Enscape down scales the texture?

    And I obviously don't have a tool where I can splitt the mesh in pieces. Do you know a tool? With my Tools I always loose the texture.


    Currently, every texture is automatically down scaled to 2k x 2k. There is a dedicated feature request on our agenda, to allow you to remove this automatic down-scaling and use more higher-res textures. I've gladly added your voice in form of another upvote to the topic.

    Also, maybe with this specific project it's not easy to do, but you can try to use the corresponding "Lines" tool of SketchUp (shortcut "L") , which allows you to simply split faces, in this case in 4 areas. You could also gladly send me the project to check out and see what I can do myself. :)