Mesh Surface Quality

  • Hi

    I must admit that a have just started using Enscape with Sketchup and therefore looking for answers in the forum.

    I have a mesh in Sketchup imported as a .dae-file. This mesh has a surface comming from photogrammetry. I am wondering about the quality of the mesh. I attach a picture where you can see the Quality in Sketchup (left) and in Enscape (right). Can I improve the quality somewhere in Enscape? Are there some Parameters?

    Thank you.

    Regards, Rainer

  • I suppose this texture also stretches over a large area?

    Currently, textures get automatically down scaled to 4k x 4k. I recommend you split the object into four areas and apply a corresponding split texture to each area accordingly. This way you'll have four areas each with a 4k x 4k texture and the results should be better in the renderer itself.

  • Is there a way to find out what texture quality is used. How much Enscape down scales the texture?

    And I obviously don't have a tool where I can splitt the mesh in pieces. Do you know a tool? With my Tools I always loose the texture.