forgetting location of last saved image?

  • I believe Enscape in other releases would remember the location I saved an image to, and would default to that location for the next one.

    This latest release does not seem to do that for me consistently.

    Anyone else having this problem?



  • In the first instance, since you're still using Enscape 2.4.2, could you kindly upgrade to our latest release 2.5.2 , as described here? Let me know if that does not resolve this behavior.

  • Here is what I understand about the confusing behavior related to save locations (and a Request!)

    Currently (2.52) it will remember the last location an image is saved OR location a texture is opened from. This last part confuses me regularly. I expect the software to remember my last location for saving an image SEPARATELY from the last location I open a texture from. Each of the different tasks... save an image, save a file, open a texture, etc, etc. should remember separately as they are alternated between regularly and it creates an inconsistency that causes confusion.

    Please make this a request Demian Gutberlet !

    macservice123 you might test to see if this is what you are experiencing. If not please report back.

  • I use SU and the texture loading is done from within it - this generally points where I want it and remembers the last place I loaded a texture from. In Enscape I generate all the images one after another, but it keeps reverting back to the 'default' save location rather than the last place the image was saved (normally a couple of folders deeper into the fie structure) ... So I don't know if the location swaps because I never jump from one to another and back again.

  • I should have been clearer... was referring to loading textures within Enscape while using Sketchup. This usually is a problem with HDRI loading. I switch these often between image exports and Enscape ends up saving image exports to my HDRI folder.

  • Thanks for the feedback renderwiz and Gadget , we'll definitely check this behavior out and resolve it accordingly as soon as possible, or I'll let you know about any changes we made regarding this subject on purpose. I'll also get back to you know in case I require any further information from you. :)