Need help with settings...... or something?

  • Hi, everyone,

    I'm new to enscape.

    Recently I'm working on a kisok project. I have set the time in midnight but when I look around, there are a lot of "cloudy fuzzy maks" everywhere on the screen, it is almost like wearing a dirty glasses.

    I have been playing around with lighting setting and brightness etc, but it doesnt help, the problem only appears when the enviroment is dark and there is a strong light source.

    Please help.......



  • Hey bigben20xx , thanks a lot for your post - what you're seeing there is something called fireflies.

    This behavior should improve when you're standing still for a bit, but, reducing the light intensity and / or size, of emissive surfaces should already help. In that case you could also populate the project with line lights (or any other Enscape lights for that matter) instead. Generally using light sources instead of emissive surfaces to light up your project should reduce these fireflies. :)

    I'm generally a bit confused about the project. Do you only want to have one light source in that project? I also can't see what's going on exactly in the second picture, is this one huge emissive circle I'm seeing?