Saved view keyboard shortcuts

  • To help clients navigating around a model, it would be useful if you could have a series of preselected/saved locations which you could instantly jump to using keyboard shortcuts. The existing NumPad shortcuts are great, but a bit restrictive as you can only jump to basic elevations and start point.

    For example, let’s say you’re demonstrating a large, expansive model to a client and you want them to see a series of specific locations in the model. The viewer could just walk from point A to B to C using the keyboard/controller, but maybe those points are some distance apart or on different floors. Or maybe it’s the viewer’s first time using VR and they’re not very good at navigation. Or maybe they accidentally fall off the model. It would be great if you could have a series of saved viewpoints or snapshots that I’ve set up prior to the presentation and as I’m talking the client through the model I could say “Let me jump you to the car park” or “Let’s jump back to the lobby” and then I press e.g. 1 on the keyboard and jump straight to that location.