QR Code and Construction Documents - avoiding new QR codes / reusing old codes

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  • Hi Enscape Team,

    Maybe there is a solution to this already but stay with me.

    At our Architecture Firm we use Enscape for multiple deliverables (VR, renderings, videos etc etc) and the QR Code is what I want to focus on today.

    We place QR codes on our documents throughout the life of our projects from the very beginning to the very end and we are running into something very cumbersome. when you place a qr code on a physical sheet of paper that is a snapshot in time - then we send it to the job site, if we make changes to the 3D model (which we do constantly) we then have to re-export a new image to the cloud to receive a new QR code, print a new sheet of paper with updated QR codes. Is there a way to keep the same QR code (essentially this view is taken from the view from before - maybe a piece of furniture moved a little or added a window or something) so when someone on site or a client uses their QR Code reader they get an updated image from an old printed document?

    Thank you!

  • CampCots Unfortunately for technical reasons it is not easy for us to replace things online. We are working on a solution to this issue, but for the time being, like MatthiasL described using an intermediary is the way to go.

    So every time you upload a panorama or web standalone you will get a new link (URL). Instead of using our link and QR code directly, you use a "URL shortening" service such as https://bitly.com/. The key feature here is not that you have a short URL, but that you can change where that URL points to. So when you upload a revised edition of your project, you just swap the target URL to the new target.

    Next you use a QR code generator https://www.qr-code-generator.com and generate a QR code for the shortened URL. (qr-code-generator.com even provides "dynamic" links which is the two steps rolled into one service.)

    If you want to be really fancy and operate your own website you can even do the redirection using a stable link on your website. (http://www.mywebsite.com/my-project) How to do this can be quite technical, talk to your website administrator, they know how to do that. Then make a QR code of that link.