Light bleed/Material Suggestion

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  • Is there any way we could make a material that we could paint on the inside of objects so that 0 light can go through? Almost like a black hole effect. Once light hits a plane with the material, it absorbs it somehow.

    I know some people get some light bleeding through walls which can usually be fixed by making walls thicker, but working with cabinetry, the boxes are a set thickness. There's no making a box thicker. I was thinking, maybe a material that could be painted on the inside faces of an object that would tell light to not pass through.

    Is this a realistic idea, or something where as Enscape progresses and becomes better and better that this type of thing won't be an issue?

    I have a picture that kind of shows what I'm talking about. The cabinet with a mirror back has an LED strip light channel routed in the top, shining down. But the light sources, being so close to the top of the box, kind on bleed through giving the box on the top a lighter shadow than its counterpart on the left of it.

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    Hey Ryan , thanks a lot for your post. :)

    I'm afraid, from a technical standpoint this kind of material would not make sense - further, if we could simply not let light pass through objects we would of course implement it accordingly.

    Generally, when it comes to your example or to this subject in general, you can try to reduce the light intensity, since the precision will then be better. However, in lights there is a range very close to the light source (~ 10cm) in which deliberately no shadow is being cast, otherwise many lights being placed into the lighting-geometry area would self-shadow themselves, rendering them useless.

    Still, be assured that we're constantly improving this behavior in general. :)