Enscape GPU issue

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  • Hi Enscape Team,

    My computer has equipped AMD Radeon HD 7900. I was using enscape since last year till this week, it was good and smooth. But recently i have updated GPU driver and enscape to newest vision. Then it stops work, when i start enscape, it freeze my screen and crashes my revit file. I read few solutions post and i tried to reverse back to previous drivers for both GPU and enscape. But it still doesnt work.

    The message shown on the screen "Default Radeon WattMan settings has been restored due to unexpected system failure".

    I just wondering if this caused by the GPU driver or should i upgrade/replace my GPU to make enscape work?



    • Official Post

    Hey Wen , thanks a lot for your post and welcome to our forum! :)

    This graphics card should be supported by Enscape - of course, upgrading it would give you better performance overall and allow you to also up the "Rendering Quality".

    But, since this GPU should be supported, to troubleshoot the cause behind this issue, it would be great if you could submit some log files through a dedicated feedback report as described here. Please add your forum name or some other reference in the submission form so we know it's from you. Thank you in advance!