Disable flymode in EXE

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  • I too think some sort of barrier material would be extremely helpful.

    To expand on my point I just made a quick mock up how sth like this could look like:

    There's two ways I imagine this could work. The first one is establishing one material (along with a material keyword) that prevents the user from moving through it. The second one would be to make an additional check box in the material editor that lets us choose if a user can or can not move through a specific material, maybe even specify whether it is penetrable in move and/or/nor fly mode.

    Added benefit: With a material that offers blocking behaviour the upcoming feature "Geometry visible/hidden per view" could be used to couple view points with a "blocking box" around it. This way I can show off certain angles of my project, enable the VR user to fly around in a designated area around that view point but still prevent him from flying off into oblivion.

  • If something like this is implemented we should be given some sort of tool to choose where the user starts out at so they don't start outside of the box. Or if something happens and they glitch through the box somehow, they can restart at that chosen point.

  • its really unusable unless you wanna navigate in it on your own without any borders. I personally don't export .EXE but I'd would love to... I find that they had a great idea but they didnt think about its use, but they implemented it anyway. They are pretty god damn close to a Must have in real estate advertisement but anyway, its their call! Again I hope this thread can have enough momentum to make it at least to the dev team to investigate its feasibility.

  • Can we bring this back?

    I was going to make a new thread, but this one has everything that has already been said and I think this has great uses for many aspects of usage including architectural walk-through(s) and I wouldn't want a client being able to fly to the under-side or areas of a model that aren't as developed, for optimization purposes.

  • During the pandemic, the requested feature of this thread is even more relevant, I would say, it is almost a must. As Universities and Schools are currently restricting mass gatherings and most of them are working through Distance Learning platforms, we are currently trying to setup a Virtual end-of-year exhibition-show for the architecture school I am currently teaching at. This will enable students to showcase their work and even get exposed beyond the physical boundaries of the actual building space. End-of-year exhibitions are the highlight of the academic year, for art and architecture schools worldwide, and a milestone event for every graduate. Can't think how I would feel if I was graduating and the exhibition was cancelled.

    To cut the story short, Enscape would have been a great tool for the cause if there was an option to disable Fly mode and Orbit. i.e. to enclose someone in a space. The feature would facilitate sharing such exhibition with less advanced users that would probably fly-out-of-scene and abandon their virtual visits out of frustration within the first minute.

    If there is the possibility, we are willing to try such a feature even if it is not fully developed as a proof of concept, and I will be happy to be contacted by any member of the enscape team regarding the above project.

    Thanks benjaminriendeau for initiating this tread.

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    Hello, has this been solved? The feature would be very useful.

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    I'm afraid, this has not been implemented yet, but you can feel free to forward your inquiry to our product management directly as detailed here:

    Enscape Public Voting Portal (How to forward/upvote Feature/Asset Requests directly)

    Much appreciated!