Metals in 2.6.0-preview.2+8095

  • Just downloaded the new preview and witnessed a color change in my metallic surfaces while rendering. It doesn't show up on the preview when editing the video but when you go to export this happened.

    Newest preview version (2.6.0-preview.2+8095)
    Newest graphics card drivers for my Radeon Pro WX7100 (19.Q2.1)
    Rendering Quality (1080p)
    Project Size 362 KB

    Reverting to a previous version in the meantime. Just thought I'd bring it up.:thumbsup:

  • Hey Ryan , thanks a lot for your report!

    It would be great if you could send over the corresponding project which was used to render your video - alongside, you can also gladly send us the video path. You can simply save the video path by clicking the "Save Path" button in your Enscape ribbon/context menu. This will save the path as an .xml file which you can then send over alongside the project, both can be uploaded to for example. If the project is confidential, simply send me the link to download both via PM. :)

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  • Problem has seemed to progress

    Preview version: (2.6.0-preview.6+9936)
    Graphics card drivers for my Radeon Pro WX7100: (19.Q2.1) (also happened on (19.8.1))
    Rendering Quality: (1080p)
    Project Size: didn't matter if it was big or small.
    Path: didn't seem to matter if it was a saved path or a randomly placed path

    Reverting all the way back to the stable version.

  • Hi Ryan

    we cannot reproduce the problem so far. I think the fastest way to fix it would be to have an example project file from you so we could test it on our hardware.

    It must not be exact that model - if you could create a minimal reproducible example, it would be great.

    By the way, driver version 19.Q3 for your GPU exists already.