View port match in general

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  • mpotoka You'll always have a hard time fitting two different resolutions screenshots to each other without PS skills.

    We cannot change something on it.

    Regards the video frame: Do you want to randomly pick a keyframe and sync the viewport?

    • You could try to do that by creating a scene at the position of the keyframe or the other way round.
    • Then you could export the video in lossless quality, which results in a series of png pictures that you have to merge into a video
      with a third party software
    • Before merging the single pngs you could edit some with PS in order to have some overlay effect.
  • This is such an important workflow topic here :thumbup::!:

    And completely independent of the desired viewport synchronization between SkUp to Enscape, it is annoying already that we SkUp users (in the company) are not able to synchronize our native SkUp outputs within SkUp ourselves even.

    Everyone uses her/his own SkUp icon and tool settings, different monitors etc etc.. - At the moment we work around this already SkUp-internal built-in dilemma with the SuCH plugin.

    Of course I am aware that you already know this tool, but think that it is worth mentioning this option in this post´s context again...