View port match in general

  • No this doesn't seem to work unless I fuss with visually matching windows (not a proper solution)-- and the match is not exact. We need something consistent that doesn't require eyeballing/guessing if the windows are the same size (or using an extension). I looked at the thread. I'm not using 2 point perspective. Maybe something changes when this is enabled? But unfortunately we don't use 2 point all of the time.

    My Sketchup window or any co-worker's window is rarely the same size. The Enscape window can be stretched at any time for convenience, speed, etc.

    On my end, no matter if my resolution is set to match a previous render, the renders will not match exactly when overlaid.

    This doesn't work in a production environment. Consistency is needed.

    If there are exact steps to get a match please list.

    There is perhaps something along the following that is needed (I'm sure it has holes):

    1. Enscape settings would have an additional setting to "Sync Enscape viewport Aspect Ratio" (this is not the same as the current "Window" setting. (This new setting would let you modify the resolution without changing aspect ratio--locked ratio. The Enscape Real-time window would change on the fly to match so you see the limits of your render (safe frame). A render is produced as usual.

    **Unfortunately you would need the Enscape plugin to adjust the SketchUp aspect ratio of its viewport for the following to work:

    2. I open the same file at a later time. My Sketchup window aspect ratio is different and so is my Enscape render window. I go to my Enscape settings and click a preset that has saved my previous resolution. I click on "Sync Enscape viewport Aspect Ratios". This would change both SKP and Enscape windows to match previous Aspect ratio.

    3. Render would match previous render exactly.

  • Thomas Willberger I'm pulling my hair out. right now trying to create composite images using Enscape and SketchUp. Stylistically, we do a lot of layering, and that requires very exact alignments with the SketchUp View-port aspect and I cant ever get Enscape to Match the aspect exactly, nothing ever aligns just right and I have no idea why?!

    Attached is a screen shot showing what I'm talking about. I have the Synchronize Views enabled (but it seems that the FOV is wrong in Enscape?). I have a custom resolution set to match both applications, I just don't know what I'm missing. Im hoping you might be able to help and suggest a correct workflow or workaround. Otherwise its back to V-Ray for this project.

    Thanks in advance!

  • UPDATE: Ive managed to get things to match, but I manually have to size the Enscape view to match the SketchUp viewport Window, then set the Enscape resolution to "Window" and export that way. Things then lign up, but my resolution is so low I may not be able to use it.

    I feel like this could all very quickly be remedied with a resolution choice that was "Custom" with a checkbox for "Match Viewport Aspect" or something to that effect?

    Not sure yet. I looks like I'm going to have to use V-Ray for this one...


  • Ted.Vitale If you now know the exact resolution of your exported screenshot you can increase the resolution by adding custom resolution that has the exact same proportion.

    But yes, this is a manually process which could be automized if we can read the proportions from the SketchUp viewport.

  • Just looping back in on this thread as I had a new user asking why his renders did not match his last set (proportions/alignment). I explained the "manual" process of matching view-ports and resolution/proportion. It did not go over very well.

    We need seamless repeatability.

    Crossing my fingers on this on , that you guys can come up with a nice built-in method for a solution.


  • Anyone had succeed in matching the Enscape view with the Sketchup view so I can overlay the SU lines over the Enscape rendering. Also I found it hard to do any post editing in Photoshop because of no diffuse layers or anything. Any advice??

  • Nope, No joy on that one yet. Its incredibly frustrating.

    We are currently working on getting it to work for the next Enscape release, as a new feature. Might be in a preview sooner. Thanks for your patience and valuable input!

  • Thanks for the update Thomas Willberger, I know you guys are working on it! You're doing a wonderful job developing the product quickly based on feedback. I believe our office is going to buy a couple of floating licenses this month. My director was absolutely blown away by the speed and quality you can get out of Enscape. Were definitely implementing it in our design workflows. Soon we will be using it more often in our ArchViz work as well.

  • Hi all,

    I m a very new user of Enscape and just play around and hope to include it in may workflow.

    I do a lot composites renderings with su and TWR.

    I found a way but not perfect.

    I work with 2 screens so I have a full screen for Su and the other one with Enscape.

    With synchronize views on. I can have the same width...

  • I have the same issue basically - I cannot get renders from my laptop and desktop to match - even worse when trying to assist with a coworker that has who-knows-what resolution.

    Is there a way to "set" the view/camera - akin to taking a video frame where you can lock in the window. Then assign that as the render.

    I suppose I could try a single keyframe video export?