Is it possible to convert images to textures in Enscape?

  • We have just started using Enscape to render out our Skechup models and have found that it prefers images to be applied to surfaces as textures rather than images.

    We have started to do this with new models but have a lot of old models that we would like to render which contain images instead of textures. When we move around the models we seem to be getting a sort of 'flickering' effect on the surfaces where the images are applied. Also when we render these models the images don't seem to come out at all

    Other than moving the images forward slightly so that aren’t directly on the surfaces of the model or replacing them completely with textures, I was wondering whether there is a quicker and easier way to convert the image to a texture so that Enscape will recognise them and allow them to appear in the render.

    Any help or ideas will be very much appreciated.

  • KTooze

    Changed the title of the thread from “Is it possible to convert images to textures in Encape?” to “Is it possible to convert images to textures in Enscape?”.
  • The 'flickering' I would presume is due to "Z-fighting" - where there are two surfaces lying on top of each other and the program does not know which takes priority. * In SU, images are a grouped texture with bounding lines that is glued to a surface plane - the "group" makes sure that it doesn't intersect other geometry, the "gluing" makes sure it says on the surface you put it on.

    You can fix it in many ways...

    - ungluing the image and moving one of the surfaces off of the other - either off-setting the one in-front to the front or moving the one behind so that is is behind

    - tracing the image perimeter and erasing the area behind the image.

    - exploding the image <- if the image is within the same container as the surface, it should merge it into the surface. If it's not, then it may be easier to cut and paste into the container before exploding it.

    (*I normally see this when putting glass on something and the 'back' surface of the glass touches the surface it's against. I don't have problems with Enscape showing images, unless they are projected from a photo: it doesn't handle warped textures very well.)