Choosing an RTX Graphics Card

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  • Cost aside, is there any noticeable difference (using Revit & Enscape) between:

    >Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

    >Nvidia Titan RTX, and

    >Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000

    I think I may be facing a graphics card replacement soon and my research has me pretty confused (workstation vs gaming, etc) I know all three of these are good and based on latest Turing GPU, but in terms of quality and reliability (from working day to day and client presentations to client VR experiences) in 2K or even 4K, is there a preference among these 3? Any feedback or guidance is welcome! Thank you!!

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    Based on a price/performance ratio the RTX 2080ti will definitely give you the most bang for the buck. The Quadro RTX5000 will have a little more memory (16 instead of 11GB), however if loads of memory is the crucial point (might be if you're working with really large scale projects) and budget isn't tight, then I'd say go straight for the Titan RTX or Quadro RTX 6000 with 24GB.

  • Thanks to you both! I don't generally work on very large projects as I'm currently a sole practitioner, so hopefully the 11 GB should suffice. The RTX 2080 ti is in the lead...just want a solution that will last at least a couple of years and give me the reliability I need. And I'd love to be able to use this for VR with clients. If my practice grows in the next year or two, perhaps I'll look at something more potent then. Thank you!

  • I’ve just built a new pc just for SketchUp/Enscape. I went with an RTX2070 and it flies, I can have the Enscape window full screen on my 27” 4K monitor and fly around/ change TOD with complete abandon.

    I’m sure s 2080 would be better but I’d have to have 2 identical pc’s next to each other with the same model to notice any difference.

    Here’s the parts list

  • AMD have finally stepped up with a real competitor to Nvidia’s cards, as a result Nvidia have this week boosted most of their RTX cards without a price rise.

    Look for the cards with ‘Super’ in their names, the RTX 2070 Super is now almost equal to last weeks 2080.

    Good news for you ..... poor timing for me :)

  • For what it's worth, at the firm I am working we are using 1070 Max-Q, 2070, 2080Ti and 1080Ti with Enscape, visualizing Revit projects up to some 500GB. It seems the 1080Ti holds up pretty well in all scenarios, including VR (Vive 1st gen and Odyssey). If cost is a factor, I could see going for that one and wait for the next gen Nvidia cards. After all, they just started out with real-time rendering functionality, and the performance e.g. in Unreal is not overly great. Not even with the 2080Ti. Of course if the upcoming real-time rendering features are of interest, e.g. for stills and video, then the 2080Ti seems like a good choice.

    None of the cards have their memory maxed out. A fast CPU seems to be beneficial. We noticed faster loading times and better frame rates out of Revit with Intel 8th and 9th gen CPU's, compared to AMD Ryzen.

  • If its of any interest, I've just upgraded to a GTX 2080ti RTX 11GB card - its a monster in Enscape;

    - I can move around in the Enscape view, full screen (1080p) with no hitches

    - I can render UHD/4K videos from my scenes in a few minutes. Some of them wouldn't even render before the graphics card timed out previously.

    - I can output UHD/4K panoramas in literally seconds. Scenes that took 30-45 minutes previously are done in maybe 20 seconds.

    Its paired with an i9 processor and 64Gb Ram which presumably helps, but my old processor and Ram levels were no slouch, my old Quadro graphics card was the obvious weak point. So its been a night and day upgrade for me, very pleased with how Enscape performs with this card.