A sub-forum for...

  • Perhaps it's just me - but there's an area missing from here - specifically, a "general discussion" area.

    I "worry" that a lot of good, universally-applicable stuff goes into the application-specific sub-forums, where some might not venture if not a user of such.

    For example, I wanted to come here and ask about "who is using an ultra-wide monitor with Enscape?" but where would I put that? Seems a perfect candidate for a dedicated Hardware & tech. area (which would save split-conversations about gpu recommendations repeating in the different application sub-forums, no?

    Anyway... just my 2pence for the day.

  • That is definitely some good feedback and we plan to provide more sub-forums, generally for off-topic or general discussions as you mentioned! We'll just have to look into how we're gonna name them exactly and how many we'll implement, but stay tuned for future updates soon! :)