World scale seems off. Everything seems reduced 5-10%.

  • I've notice world scale issues with with the Oculus S (HTC Vive seems fine). And my client keeps telling me things "seem small".

    I check the IPD, floor height and user height and I experience the same thing. (I double-check the measurements in Rhino 3D)

    My test: when I span my arms in Enscape the controllers seem the right distance away... but the objects seem small. For example, I shouldn't be able to span my arms for a 6'8" mattress but I can in Enscape. I don't have the same problem using the HTC Vive using Enscape.

    Maybe it has to do with the virtual controller 3D representation being the Oculus Touch? I assume the Touch and Rift S controllers have the same reference point for the trigger.

    Has anyone else been getting this feedback giving tours on the Oculus S?

    Next steps: I'm going to create a test file with a bunch of objects with marked dimensions and have someone follow me around with a tape measure... I'll report back in a couple of days.

  • I built a test scene with 1ft cubes and had someone follow me around with a tape measure in real life. Things weren't quite as bad as expected.

    I learned that Oculus S always seems to want to float me 1-2 inches above the ground even after updating the guardian system. This probably accounts for most of the scale issues I've been experiencing. Something about my room wants to drift me upwards.

    When spanning my arms lengthwise all the measurements of 3ft, 4ft, and 5ft registered about an inch small... but that doesn't seem bad and within measurement error.

    I tried the bed-armspan-test in a test scene and scale seemed fine. I reloaded the old scene that made the bed seem small and everything seemed normal (which is odd and makes me doubt my own memory). I haven't updated any drivers (unless there was auto-update overnight)

  • Hi dvoshart

    thanks for sharing your results with us! I think your observation does make sense given how tracking is implemented for the Vive (fixed lighthouses) vs Oculus Rift S (inside out camera tracking) . In case of the Vive you're explicitly calibrating things like floor height for the fixed sensors, while the Rift S has to do an ongoing estimation based on tracking from a moving camera.

    That beeing said, Enscape completely relies on the tracking results given by the respective HMD software - we're not doing any scaling, filtering etc - so unfortunately we can't do anything regarding accuracy issues in that regard.