Edit multiple materials at the same time?

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  • Hi,

    is there a way to edit properties some or all materials at the same time? E.g. my model is a LEGO model with 50+ materials, all LEGO bricks so I would adjust the reflection setting to 0% to be shiny reflective plastic. To do this manually takes a lot of time and the slider doesn't let you type in values, right? I have tried renaming the sketchup materials by adding "ceramic" to the name (thus getting 10% reflection) but that can also just be done for one material at the time. I would also be great to be able to replace materials like in Vray.

    I have tested saving materials that have been edited with Enscape to a library - the saved SketchUp materials contain/retain all the Enscape material settings, right? Wonder if I can use the Vray asset editor to replace materials as a workaround when updating materials using the new library.


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    Hey Freizeitkraemer , welcome to our forum and thanks for your first post. :)

    It's currently not possible to edit multiple materials at once with our Enscape material editor. I can gladly files this inquiry as a feature request though, as I can also understand that this would be very useful for you in this particular case.

    I'm not entirely sure how you're saving SketchUp materials to a library? Do you simply mean the corresponding image file which has been used as a texture? For example, a .jpg image file? In that case, there is nothing we save in that image file, nor would that technically possible I'm afraid. Please correct me if I'm misunderstanding something! :)

  • Hi Demian,

    thanks for your reply- great if you could add this feature request to the list. My guess is many models would have similar materials in maybe different colours - e.g. metals or plastics like in my case.

    I mean't saving the .skm Enscape enhanced material files down to a folder on your PC. (material browser, right click on material > save) When I tested it, once I open the library locally and paint with those same material all enscape material settings seem to be retained = saving a .skm retains the Enscape information. Maybe you weren't aware of this?

    cheers, FR

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    I see what you mean now, thanks Freizeitkraemer for elaborating. The textures, bump maps etc. (besides albedo) are linked into the material itself.

    The textures, bump maps etc. are not directly embedded in the material, the material stores only a reference to the path of the texture / bump map. So it's important to remember that the place where these textures lie has to be the same.

    However, the albedo texture is embedded in the SU material itself. :)

  • Hi Demian Gutberlet,

    I'm also searching for a solution to Freizeitkraemer 's original question. I imported 3d Google Maps imagery (to Blender and then SketchUp as a Collada file) and would like to change some of the refractive properties, however the textures are still separated in vray by the original meshes. Changing each one manually is an infeasible workflow. Any updates on this?