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  • Thanks everyone in the team for such great improvements in such a short time. I used Enscape for rendering a video last night and I noticed it's now way faster, even with my old computer.

    Currently, the biggest pain point for those of us that use Enscape for animations is the inability to add path breaks. Just like in Microsoft Word you can add page breaks, I think you should be able to add path breaks in Enscape. This is how I imagine it:

    1) You can add a new keyframe with K, or a path break PLUS a new keyframe with Shift + K or Ctrl + K. Just like in MS Word, a keyframe with a path break "starts a new page", or, in this case, a new sequence of frames independent of the previous one. So, instead of smoothing the view between the previous keyframe and this one, Enscape finishes the previous keyframe and then starts a new keyframe sequence with the current one.

    2) In the keyframe editor, I imagine a switch where you can choose if the current keyframe breaks the path or not.

    3) Inside the XML, keyframes that break the path could be represented like this:

    <Keyframe order="2" timestampSeconds="18.0327" PathBreak="1">

    Thank you for reading!

  • You can have more than one video path in a model; it's just a pain because you can only see one at a time (Load/Save)

    {again...} If keyframes and scenes were interchangeable then you could do some really cool things. You could also tag one as a start or end with specific transition attributes (padding, fade, dissolve, blur... etc)

    (I'm sure that separate videos/paths in the same model has been requested before, but I can't find it... other stuff: Video Editor improvements)

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    Thanks a lot for your feedback Arqui3D , I'll gladly forward your feedback accordingly. There is already a similar feature request on our agenda to which I'll add your upvote, plus what you wrote.

    Also, just to make very sure, you're aware that you can have actual breaks in the video path, if you simply press K 2-times and the set the corresponding Timestamp on both? :) I think this is not what you're referring to, but again, just to make sure.

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    Thanks, Demian. I had not thought about that! That will help a lot.

    Perfect! A bit of a delayed reply from my part, but if you have any questions regarding this procedure gladly also let me know. :)