A few bugs and suggestions

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  • Hi there

    I just wanted to log a few complaints,

    1. View Synchronization is a bit of a pain to use as it's dependent on the viewport size in rhino, this makes it a difficult to match the view between shots done by multiple team members, where a rerender is in order, but the post production is underway. Our workaround is creating a floating viewport with the exact aspect ratio our render will have, but sometimes we don't know that when starting our process. V-Ray does this perfectly, shots align as long as the same Named View is activated.
    2. The environment slot is used and makes it very hard to preview materials when using Roughness maps, this is for both Enscape and Rhino Materials with the "glossyenvironment" modifier. Some sort of override or similar would be great for previewing materials and their mapping before launching Enscape
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    rheinason , thanks a lot for your feedback! :)

    1. We're aware of that and are currently in the process of improving this for a future release. It may be implemented with 2.6 already, but I cannot make any promises just yet.

    2. Thank you, I'll forward this to our developers accordingly!