Enscape Executable File with VR

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  • With the new version of 2.6 coming out, will there be any chance of having the beam and circle (orange) used for navigating with the HTV Vive controller in the executable file? I have the preview of it and it seems to be a bit difficult for some people to use it as they are not cure of where the teleportation will take them. Thanks for your assistance!

  • do you mean to have the circle always visible? so user can see more clearly of where they are teleporting?

    I feel some of my client had problem with it, too. Took them some try to get familiar with it especially for people who had no VR experience before.

    but I think it is acceptable

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    Hey xaceofspades999x , thanks a lot for your request. :) As Eric below asked, is this what you like to see implemented, having the circle always be visible all the time? Generally, holding the trigger (but not pressing the trigger fully down) displays the orange Teleportation Target Indicator. Pressing the trigger down completely will then execute the Teleportation, if the location is available.

    Thank you in advance!