Experimenting with your great 3D people objects

  • I've been having fun populating some scenes with your models and with 2D people. I'm really excited how they both can be integrated in a single scene without discernable difference. Also, happy how 2D people cast a believable shadow without much post-processing. Especially delighted with the shadowing on the 3d people and how incredibly lifelike they appear.

    I appreciate your recent extension of the range of people available. Would much appreciate even more diversity is race, age, apparent economic class, etc. I feel like this is the most valuable content in your object library (along with the plants). While I appreciate the furniture, in most projects, they need to be fairly similar to real-life pieces, meaning it would be incredibly difficult for you to model all the myriad of possibilities. Besides, it's easy to find these types of models and other entourage in other libraries. However, finding high quality 3D models of people that work in animations is very difficult and expensive. Expanding them in your library would allow for a wider range of options. Anyway...that's my personal preference:)