AI Denoising

  • Hi there,

    first of all, great work with the Revit plugin!

    Here at Störmer Murphy and Partners it is already a substantial part of our design workflow.

    This Paper…using-recurrent-denoising

    about the Nvidia AI Denoiser is now out there for 2 years and there is also an Intel CPU denoiser which is beeing integrated into Corona Render

    With this in mind I was wondering if Enscape is planning on integrating some kind of AI denoising into future releases?

    Combined with more and more Real Time Raytracing with Nvidia RTX we could slowly progress towards insane Real Time Render quality. :)

    I hope you guys can give us some sort of information on this topic.

    With best regards

    • Official Post

    Thanks a lot for your post! :) I'll gladly forward this to our developers as well. At least for now, there are no concrete plans to add AI denoising into Enscape. We'll have to check if it's feasible and technically possible, which it should be but again, no plans just yet. In any case, rendering quality will increase substantially in Enscape in general as hardware get's better and better at a rapid pace! Again, thank you for the information.