First time on Enscape (sketchup

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  • Dear community,

    I'm a student doing an internship right now. They have asked me to make a rendering with Enscape on my laptop as it doesn't work on the computer. Now i'm trying to use the program on my laptop and it is still not working. I've already sent a report on the feedback button. But I'd figure that some information about my laptop specs may clarify on the situation.

    The problem I'm experiencing is that after the program is starting. The window that pops up immediately shuts down and gives me a report. For a second or two I can see the start screen setting up. Then the window shuts down showing the percentage at 11%.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Official Post

    Hey TiemenBrouwer , welcome to our forum - I'm sorry to hear about this behavior.

    In that case, please briefly submit a dedicated feedback report (as described here) which will include log files and machine information to help us troubleshoot the cause behind this issue.

    Also, do you have a dedicated GPU built in your system? Otherwise, if you only use the dedicated Intel chip for Enscape, I'm afraid we don't support these chips officially. It may work with some, but that is rare since the performance is also just not sufficient enough to run Enscape fluently.

    If you have a GPU in your system, you can also try updating the drivers. If that doesn't help, the feedback will give us further infos as mentioned to resolve this.

  • Dear Demian,

    I thought the laptop that I own did have a GPU in it. But I have not found a dedicated GPU build in my system. If a single CPU is not supported then I'll have to look for a different computer to work on.

    Thank you for the feedback.

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    TiemenBrouwer , I'm afraid, the Intel graphics chip is indeed not supported by Enscape. Feel free to also check out our system requirements here to help you with deciding which machine to pick/build. If you have any questions what so ever regarding this subject, let me know!