Enscape 3D video

  • amortiboys , thanks a lot for your inquiry.

    Generally, Enscape is not yet capable of exporting 360 degree videos. You can currently stitch together our panoramas with a tool like marzipano.net - that would be the closest thing available when it would come to this subject. Just so you're aware. :)

    In any case, the feature request to eventually provide 360 degree video output by Enscape on our agenda will receive a further upvote through your voice.

  • I would also like to see a feature like this. It would be fantastic to walk a client through a model and for him/her to be able to look in all directions while doing so. I can see this having a huge impact in my line of work (conveyor system design).

  • I like the idea too. The client could get the best quality independent from the hardware of his computer and I could determinate the freedome of the movement, strange movements can be avoided (like the unsolved jumping down-up teleportation on the PC screen)