Potential AMD Graphics Card Resolution Glitch

  • Hi there,

    I've recently purchased and built 2 PC's of which I specified a low/mid tier card; AMD Radeon RX 560 (Sapphire) and honestly - I wasn't hoping for great live quality from Enscape with them but; I was wrong. Fortunately they work great - being just about able to navigate a live project with ultra settings.

    However, I feel I may have uncovered a problem with output resolutions in Enscape and these cards specifically;

    When exporting an image or video with the same quality settings as the live navigation I get a very glitched image.

    After we toyed with the settings to try and find out what was causing the problem we found that: selecting one of the predefined resolutions (so "4k" all the way down to "1024x768") produced the same glitched result.

    However, when selecting the "Window" option and increasing the size of the window to the maximum (1080p I guess, minus the top window bar) both images and video outputs work perfectly.

    Please can you shine any light on this issue? I feel that if it was a problem with the card i.e. not good enough or faulty - then I wouldn't be able to output at the window resolution option either - which in theory is better than the "1024x768" & "720p" presets? Please let me know if i'm misunderstanding the way the resolutions work.

    Either way I thought I'd share.

    To be clear; we are running Mid/High tier Nvidia Cards elsewhere in the office all of which I am unable to replicate the same issues - they all work fine regardless of settings.

    I've attached 3 images of the same scene rendered in there different resolution presents.

  • Hi Lewis,

    thanks a lot for your report! We know of a similar issue with the latest AMD drivers which appears on the currently released Enscape 2.0.1 version. This has been fixed for the upcoming hotfix. However to verify that it'd be helpful if you could send feedback with your logfiles & system's specs to our support using the [Feedback] button on the Enscape ribbon!

    A preview version of the upcoming hotfix has already been released - you can find a link to the latest Preview release at the bottom of the download page. We'd be glad to hear if the Preview version resolves this issue for you!