Shadow of certain items disappear at certain angles

  • The disappearing shadow is caused by model content being "too far from the world coordinates origin by 4.7km in x and -4.3km in z" (quoted from Enscape Support Team). The problem is solved through Feedback function in Enscape.

    Below is my original post.


    Hi folks,

    See the inserted image and video (Video record of the issue). I notice part of shadow of certain items disappear at certain angles. I found this happen constantly when I am doing a "valley" view at human eye angle.

    Can someone help me out? Thanks a lot. I am using enscape verion

    Thanks a lot,

    Partial shadow:

    Full shadow at a different angle:

  • Hey yangshuojin , thanks a lot for your report.

    When a project is rather large, and/or you're using a very large ground plane, shadows can show such behavior as seen in the screenshots you've posted. Could you kindly check if your project has a large ground plane and if so, can you please reduce it substantially if you don't require all that extra space?

    For example, there has been a project before which had a very, very large ground plane to display the ocean. After reducing it to 10% of the size, it didn't show any visual difference really, it still stretched to the horizon, and any visual problems had been resolved. :)

  • yangshuojin thanks for your response! :)

    To get behind this behavior, could you kindly submit a feedback report as described here? Please add your forum name or some other reference in the submission form for easy identification. Also, could you send in the example project as well for us to check out? You can upload the project to for example.

    Thanks a lot in advance!