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  • yesterday bought my subscription.

    very happy with my choice

    but after using many render software on the market. i have some ideas to improve this software.

    1. checklist for batch render selected views with one click

    2. use jpeg as background

    3. control custom background image location from preview window

    4. automatic name file as view name

    5. grass render not always working on revit

    6. improve performance on revit when settings menu and preview window are opened (sometimes get sluggish)

    7. control north within preview window

  • arcomer Thank you for your feedback.

    1. Already on our agenda and got your upvote.
    2. Jpegs are supported as Skyboxes and for loading screens. What do you mean with background?
    3. The Enscape settings dialog is overlaying the Enscape window, so therefor you could use this behavior as a workaround
      What benefit do you expect from this functionality?
    4. Do you want to be able to use an automatic name system for Revit views as it is available for Screenshots?
    5. Does all your Grass materials contain "Grass" in its name?
    6. Revit is slow when Enscape and the Enscape settings are opened? Or is it slow when you're performing some specific actions?
    7. Do you want to change the orientation of your model out of Enscape? Why don't you want to use the Revit sun settings or the geo-location of your SketchUp scene?
  • 1. thumb up

    2. good to know

    3. i mean that you can drag the skybox image location on the preview window

    4. yes

    5. its the default material in revit, but i will check again

    6. i experienced this behavior when changing the slider of the render quality

    7. because i want different sun location to be saved for each view

    thank you for the fast reply

  • 6. A higher quality slows down Enscape and therefor Revit a little bit as your hardware is working really hard.

    7. You currently can save sun settings in each single Revit 3D-View and Enscape will display this adjusted sun position.