Global Scale Adjustment

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  • I would like a global scale adjustment within Enscape.

    Enscape is translating our scenes prior to rendering. During that translation, would it not be possible to apply a global 'scale' to EVERYTHING? This would include camera distance. The end result would be imperceptible in many ways, but would allow us to workaround several hard coded rendering optimizations currently in place.

    Enscape makes several assumptions about how it will render depending on the specific size of a scene / object and the distance the camera is away from them. There are optimization techniques being used (cascading shadow maps + other shadow maps techniques) that break down sometimes at specific distances from the camera. Apparently overall scene size can make a difference as well.

    I have manually scaled my scene to get around shadow issues, and also grass height issues (when we were not able to control height) Several other users have tried manually applying a scale with limited success. The main downside to that approach is that one must make a permanent change to the model. I propose a "global scale" that is only applied during rendering. This would also allow for Revit users who wish to render smaller scenes to have smooth curved surfaces.

    There are likely many other benefits, and since the Enscape team does not want to provide fine grain control over render settings, this type of "global scale" would allow those who run into rendering glitches an outlet to attempt to work around them.


  • Hello renderwiz,

    we would rather fix the issues, than implement a hacky solution like this. To that effect, the next (or one after next; it may not make the cut) we will have some improvements to the sun shadow rendering.

    It is true that the renderer has some assumptions built in, but these are not cast in stone and we try really hard to make a large set of CAD models working. If you have specific use cases that you feel are not working please point them out or chime in existing forum discussions.

  • It was worth a shot....

    Use cases not working:

    1. Sun Shadows cause random glitches at specific distances from camera.

    2. Sun Shadows seem affected by overall scene size.

    3. Shadow softness of artificial lights seems affected by scale of scene.

    4. Working at small scales. Revit files facets hard coded to sizes of scene and do not work well for details.

    5. Working at very large scales.

    6. Grass height limits. What if i want Super short grass?

    7. Etc, etc.

    If scenes must fit within a range of sizes to work well, there will always be cases that dont work. Why not give those users a way to deal with it? It could even be a user cfg variable. We have already had the opportunity to adjust distance parameters via that method.

    Thanks :)