sketchup materials - enscape materials

  • there should be an option to "decouple" the sketchup material color and texture from the enscape material albedo and color....

    in some situations we need a simpler version in sketchup and the one with all maps etc only in enscape - this would also speed up sketchup and its material browser since every texture added makes this sketchup thing slower for the time being :)

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    modelling stuff with sketchup, drawing stuff with vectorworks, rendering with cinema4d r20 + corona render & now of course, enscape :)

    but best of all > experiencing stuff in VR with enscape !!

  • Yes. In Vray, there is a 'syncing' section in each material's settings where you can bind or unbind, color, opacity, and multiple options for handling texture binding, as well as choice for bind/unbind them all. very helpful since enscape sometimes needs different color values than what looks good in the viewport. Also, like in vray. Materials that are transparent like glass, I like to keep visible with a bit of opacity in the viewport.

    This just made me think of another possible useful Enscape feature. The 'can be overridden' material override option. Would be cool be able to have option to exclude materials from 'whiteout' mode.

  • {Just FYI: over-ride materials in White mode (other than just glass) have already been requested somewhere.}

    I'm not sure what the benefit of having another set of texture controls would be? Or what benefit ticking a box to enable or disable the additional tint/bump/shine when you can just click one button to remove them: isn't this the same as 'binding' and 'unbinding' them?

    The current SU textures can/do look completely different from what you see in the Enscape window: SU works with the geometry and Enscape colours it in. If you are concerned about memory within SU, work in Shaded mode or even Monochrome.

    The only time I ever see 'lag' in dealing with textures is when I use PNG files.