New Preview version and Camera Tracking / Sun

  • I had developed a nice work flow that allowed me to set up VIEWS in archiCAD then produce renderings in Enscape.

    Previously, the SUN ANGLE(s) were reflected when I had the VIEW TRACKING in Enscape turned on and would switch between views..

    Now, it seems that even though I switch the VIEWS in ARCHICAD (and the sun changes in the it's 3d window)... the sun remains the same (actually seems like it's always just before dawn, so hard to see anything)...

    Is there some NEW setting that I need to attend to?

    Is it just me???


  • No its not you, i have had the same issue and it needs to be resolved, loving the material editor for archicad!!

  • Nuge  DGD-Duane Thank you for reporting this issue! We will take a closer look at this in the near future :-)

  • Just checked the new preview version ( and this issue is not resolved, We love the new material editor but without the ability to control the sun position it totally useless.

    Can you please indicate an approx time frame to have this resolved