Standalone Export feature requests

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  • So our Enscape use is really taking off - but as is often the case, the more we use it - the more we want from it... specifically:

    We have a high percentage of "goofy" people in our office - and have to create 2No. exports (one of each Y-axis preference). Whilst internally this is not really an issue, sending/sharing two 'identical' files for such a simple variable isn't ideal - and we would LOVE it if Y-axis 'correction' could be added to the standalone exports. I suppose it would be sound thinking to accomodate X-axis correction at the same time (if you were to implement such) - but we've yet to find someone THAT goofy!

    Screenshots (natively from the standalone) are another real want item - and I imagine others will have asked/requested this before - but essentially, Windows screen-capture and other means (snipping tool, OneNote screen clip, etc) are all fairly clunky, with post-production crops and file renaming an almost given chore. Again, internally not so much of an issue, as we can accomodate such in our workflow, but it puts (technological-know-how-needed) pressure on clients when we encourage them to send back their findings from their own run-around reviews. If the standalone could support an inbuilt capture to ouput-save image files, ideally with some level of configurable auto-name option i.e. "YYYY-MM-DD_filename_sun-time.png" then I/we /our clients would be eternally grateful.

  • snowyweston thank you for your valuable feedback!

    1. Settings in the standalone are on our agenda and got your upvote.
    2. Screenshots out of the standalone are on our agenda as well and got your upvote.
      I added the auto-name option (But should be included in 1.)