video slows down between scenes after upgrade to v2.5

  • I am a relatively new user (been a few months). I just upgraded to the latest version. When opening a sketchup model I had previously been using on v2.4 and running through the video preview, it has started introducing speed ramps between scenes now for some reason. Before the upgrade it would maintain a consistent speed from one camera scene to the next, based on the duration I set for it. Now between the same scenes it will slow way down about halfway through and then speed up to the next camera placement. I downgraded back to v2.4 and it works correctly again, but I lost all my new assets from v2.5, so I need to make it work in v2.5. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong. Thanks

  • Sorry to hear that! In order to get behind the issue, please be so kind as to send us feedback by using the [Feedback] button in the Enscape context menu and make sure that 'Include Logfiles into feedback' is checked.

    Could you please also provide the XML file for us to reproduce the issue? You can write us at

    Thank you in advance and welcome to our forum, Brad09 !