Enscape/Revit Crash on new computer

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  • Hello,

    Just got a new computer with a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card and am having crash issues, but only on the new computer.

    Enscape will run normally for about 30 seconds before showing some wild graphics issues including extreme lens flair, missing elements (walls, components, etc), warped elements such as trees, "psychedelic" coloring, pixelated pattern (that looks like space invaders) across the screen, extreme contrast makes the model look as bright as the sun and surroundings pitch black and finally a full crash. I have tested multiple revit files on that computer with the same results, but cannot replicate the same issues on other computers.

    Since I am only experiencing this issue on that new computer, I am wondering if it had something to do with the graphics card but thought I would see if anyone else may have had similar issues as described above and what the fix may be.

    Thanks in advance for the input!

  • I have tried a few solutions that have been previously mentioned on other threads but I am still having the same issues as described in the original post.

    Solutions tried include:

    - Reduce overall window size - made Enscape last a few seconds longer than normal before crashing.

    - Reduce rendering quality - no observed improvements

    - Re-save file/try different file - no observed improvements

    - Reduce resolution - no observed improvements

    Changing the time of day when the indication of a crash is starting seems to prolong the program and correct the rendering, but only for a few seconds before reverting the the ultra contrast, etc.

    Any help is appreciated!

  • "Psychedelic" coloring and pixelated patterns sound like a dying/overheating GPU to me. Try logging your temperature with OpenHWMonitor and see if you can spot a pattern between GPU temps and your graphics going haywire. If so then have your gpu replaced and try again.

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    justink , we've already received a similar report regarding your described behaviors, it seems to be only occurring in the latest preview though, at least the person who reported it was using the preview. Are you actually using our latest release, or are you also using our latest preview?

    In any case, it would be great if you could test a different 3D application, or our latest release in case you've been using the preview. If you don't experience any problems in a different 3D application, kindly send in a dedicated feedback report as described here. Kindly also add your forum name in the submission form.

    If possible, you can also gladly share a video of these behaviors accordingly. :)

  • justink, did you get anywhere with this problem? I seem to be experiencing a similar issue now. I have only just updated Revit to 2020.1 and already had Enscape 2.6 installed.

    My issue is that Enscape only loads for 5-10 secs before crashing out - closing Revit at the same time...

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    justink, did you get anywhere with this problem? I seem to be experiencing a similar issue now. I have only just updated Revit to 2020.1 and already had Enscape 2.6 installed.

    My issue is that Enscape only loads for 5-10 secs before crashing out - closing Revit at the same time...

    Hi amcn , thanks for your post and welcome to our forum! :) In this case, Enscape crashing can be caused by a wide variety of problems. To tell you exactly what this is caused by, please kindly send in a feedback report too as described here. You'll receive a dedicated response from my support team on how to resolve this!

    Gladly let me know in case you experience any other problems or in case you have any other inquiries.

  • amcn, Ultimately, we decided to change out the GPU but continued to have that same issue - only on that computer though. The problem is not limited to Enscape though, come to find out, it seems to be a computer issue rather than an Enscape issue. Not sure what the fix will be other than using a different computer.

  • justink , the great people at Enscape suggested - in my case at least - that it could be related "to the SLI graphics card configuration" of my system. After disabling SLI through the Nvidia Control Panel, it fixed the problem. Not sure that this will help you though!?

    Interestingly I have since installed the very latest Nvidia drivers (released today) which in turn switched my SLI configuration back on *BUT* has not affected Enscape (negatively anyway) at all. Hopefully this will continue as it has always worked perfectly since installation.

    As a side note, Revit still crashes on closing a project. This problem started occurring just before I had the Enscape issue...

  • Hi Guys!

    I'm having exactly the same problem as Justink.

    Did anybody found the solution. I'm using Revit 2020 and enscape 2.6 & RTX 2800ti 11GB...

    Renders are crushing starting from 3500x3500px and higher. It means, that suddenly revit and escape windows are simply closing, without any report errors or whatever. Please help me! I have to finish the competition renders! :(

    The funniest thing (it makes me crazy!), that my colleague working on old station with old Geforce GTX 970 manages to render everything! Of course it lasts a bit longer, but without crashes... PLEASE HELP!!!

  • Hi,

    I've got the same problem as kasia_plus3.

    I just installed new gpu - rtx 2070 super msi gaming x.

    Enscape work normaly until I start render, then enscape and revit 2020 get immediatly closed.

    Enscape Team - have you got the solution?


    It worked fine with old gpu - gtx 960 4gb.

    Ther is no problem when I set the resolution lower then 3000x3000 px, but I need bigger images.

  • Hi,

    You wrote:

    We found the solution and now my escape renders work with big resolution even 6 giga card.

    Here is what you have to change (you basically add the last lane):

    and then add it here:


    You sent me some advices like" change rsolution to smaller" or "buy a newgraphic card" - that's not even satisfactory as solutions... I bought the new card and the problem persisted! (So I returned it)

    Now, thanks to my friend I'm working on 6giga card, without any problems! (renders last for max 15 minutes)

    Good luck Artur.design



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    To anyone who is (still) experiencing crashes, please kindly send in feedback briefly so that we can analyze the exact cause of this problem. kasia_plus3 's solution may help but may also not be related to all the crashes - feel free to try it out of course, I'll check with out developers if there can be a solution to this without the user needing to change the registry.