Cardboard Panorama has division between four zones

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  • McRyach

    Changed the title of the thread from “Panorama for Cardboard” to “Cardboard Panorama has division between four zones”.
    • Official Post

    McRyach , I've noticed that you've also submitted a ticket to us. In this case, kindly let me post the reply of my colleague here in this thread as well for everyone to read:

    Unfortunately this is a known issue for interior panoramas; it appears that our global illumination causes some issues with the creation of our panoramas. This is already an existing bug on our agenda and our developers are working hard to fix it.

    A more consistent scene could be achieved by adding more illumination (lights, emissive surfaces), which should result in less global illumination artifacts.

    We really hope that this won't influence your workflow all too much in a negative way. Again, thank you so much for all the cooperation, feedback, and patience!