View Matching

  • I'm writing again about this the viewpoint matching bug in absolute desperation.

    I just spent the better part of my afternoon trying to re-match a view (and spoiler alert, I CANT!). Every time I have to do this I am literally loosing money. For the love of god when are you going to fix the view matching bug! I should be able to 100% of the time match my SketchUp view port to my rendering. I cant use two point perspective in SketchUp in conjunction with Enscape, I have to rely on Enscapes Two point perspective system and it does not reliably match the view every time. If I cant match the original view there is zero percent chance I can exactly re-produce the same exact view for a client each time. This is costing me time and money on a regular basis now. This is a must fix!

  • Ted.Vitale , we are busy to make sure that reproducible renderings will be possible, but this will not find its way into our next release just yet - still, we're very aware of the demand for this and I'm also sorry to hear that this is currently hindering your workflow, to say the least. Anyway, thank you a lot for your feedback. You're definitely being heard!