VR Low Image Resolution, or Device Limitation?

  • Hello all,

    I'm an architecture student and have recently started using Enscape for interior renders as opposed to vray. I have two queries and hope to seek some clarifications:

    1. When viewing the panorama render in Samsung Gear VR (with Samsung S9), the image seems to be of low resolution even when after using High setting.
    I suspect its due to viewing through a phone, instead of higher end, purpose-built WMR or Rift/Vive. If this is correct, is there any way I can further increase the clarity without purchasing a new device?

    2. While viewing panorama renders, the field-of-view seems vastly different from viewing directly on the PC screen, causing the image feel unrealistic. Is this due to the nature of panorama image distortions, or is there anything that I should've done?

    Thank you all in advance! :)

  • 1) I don't know if this is already set to "High": under the "Capture" tab of visual settings there is a drop-down to set the panorama resolution. This will set it for future panoramas, not existing ones (they will need to be re-rendered at a higher quality)

  • LucasNCH , thanks a lot for your post and welcome to our forum. :)

    When it comes to the second point of yours, a Full VR headset will usually (probably always) have a higher field of view - let alone because of the fact that the screen is specifically made for VR as well as the lenses which are of more higher quality and are also more complex when it comes to comparing it to a cardboard device (or Gear in this case).

    Generally, when you say it's not sharp, do you have a dedicated VR headset for comparison or rather, have you tried a VR headset like the Vive or Rift before? If not, then it also makes sense that you perceive the image to be not that sharp (given that you made sure that the lenses are clean) especially compared to viewing a panorama on a desktop screen for example.

    The reason for it being not that sharp, is that the resolution of the S9, which is 2,220 x 1,080 pixels, has to be "stretched" through the Gear device in a way that it covers your field of vision. At least a lot more compared to a desktop screen since the screen is literally right in front of your eyes just a few centimeters of space in between.

    As a comparison, the Oculus Rift S has a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, which is still not perceived as sharp by some. Finally, saying it's not sharp, maybe you're referring to the so called screen door effect?

  • Hello Demian,

    I have not tried the VR headsets like Vive or Rive before. After reading what you wrote, it seems that it will be much much better than looking through Gear with S9. I believe screen-door effect has partially responsible for the low res too.

    Unfortunately Vive or Rift will be beyond my budget. What WMR headsets will you recommend that can achieve similar sharpness without the high investment? VR devices are fairly new to me and still rather uncertain how the screen sharpness performs, espacially within enscape.

    Thank you in advance!

  • LucasNCH , there are certainly quiet a few quality/usability improvements when it comes to using a full sized VR headset instead of a phone with a cardboard device. I mean, you'll of course also be able to navigate around Enscape in real-time as opposed to "just" viewing a static panorama. :)

    When it comes to a specific recommendation, it does really depend on your budget and preference. You shouldn't experience any problems with any of the available WMR headsets alongside Enscape VR, but I'd recommend you also check out some comparison reviews like this one here, to see which one may suit you best.

  • @Demian, Thank you so much for your suggestions. Shall research more in proper VR headsets. Thank you!

    You're very welcome! :) I hope you'll be happy with your purchase once you've decided. Keep in mind, that some stores should surely offer a decent return policy, just in case something is bothering you or in case you want to try multiple VR headsets to see which one suits you best!