Proxies missing from Render

  • Hello. I'm new to enscape and decided to purchase it after the two week trial which went really well, but now I'm repeatedly having problem with proxy items missing from the render. I can see that all of my layers are turned out and the proxy item outline boxes are still visibleThe proxy trees, plants etc were perfectly fine when I first added them to the model, but not any more. This is just one example and I have encountered this on my last 3, resulting in me having to re-add the objects to complete my work. Clearly this is not an efficient workflow having to re-add items every time I reopen an skp file - please help! It's urgent!

    Example image shows box outlines but no trees.

  • Hey Grizzler , welcome to our forum! I'm sorry to hear about this problem.

    In this case, kindly provide us with a dedicated feedback report as described here. That would be very helpful since this will give us all the information about your machine we require, as well as the log files which have been generated up to this point, which should allow us to troubleshoot this.

    Thanks a lot in advance! :)