File Size, Linking and other Large project restrictions...

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  • Hi Guys,

    I've tried emailing support but haven't heard anything yet so I thought I'd throw this out here for discussion...

    HUGE files!

    How big can we go? what are the methods you guys use to get large projects to maintain FPS etc...

    I currently have a multi layered/linked project that is really really big and want to have a free flowing VR exe to give to the client.

    I've tried just the linking which I can get to work in revit with a little lag but as soon as I fire up Enscape it just freezes... I've even left it over night and come back to nothing changed in the morning.

    Obviously there are restrictions, every engine has them so I was just wondering what you guys would do to get around them? what is the largest projects you have successfully exported to a VR exe experience?

    I'm currently in the process of binding each package into one file, each one is like 500MB once bound, upto 31 linked files in one. then I'm going to try and link them to one file and see how it goes...

    Failing that I'll section box it and part it out.

    Any other ideas?

  • Morphus1 We don't have a restriction regarding the file size. Some clients fire up 2GB file size in Enscape.

    But we're always interested in optimizing our product. So we would appreciate it, if you could share your project with us via for further analyzes.

    What Hardware do you use on your workstation?

    Could you please send us feedback via the [Feedback] Button?

    PS: When did you sent in sth. to support, because we usually answer within 12-24 hours on working days.

  • Jonathan Knoefel

    No I understand there wouldn't be a restriction physically set by Enscape but the software/hardware will have some kind of one/s right?

    I'm on a i7 extreme 10 core 1080ti SLI 64GB Ram bad boy so I should be able to deal with the most intensive applications...

    I was purely interested in seeing how big everyone has got, "comfortably".

    There is no way I can send Enscape the files as you can imagine I'm under all sorts of NDA's...

    Suffice to say we are talking 9 blocks/apartment buildings, surrounds, plazas etc... HUGE! It can barely run in Revit when linked.

    I can render out frames using Revit's inbuilt engine and switch on raycaster etc.. but it just takes forever to load in Enscape. It has never finished loading.

    And even if it did you can imagine what it will be like when it does load, just a box infront of the eyes in the HMD surrounded by black.

    What I was thinking is that the levels of linking would have some impact on the loading/rendering times for Enscape?

    It was more a shout out to get feedback, ideas, workarounds, to start a discussion.

    I believe I sent the email 9:16 Sunday morning. I understand Enscape might be sleeping/weekend/afterhours and it was in no way a comment on your response times or efficiency.

    Just my impatience...

    Thanks for getting back to me,


  • Hi Chris yes, usually NDA's are everywhere ;) but that's why I'm asking all the time in order to optimize our software.

    We have clients with Revit-files up to 80 Gb and over 100 Gb memory size when opened in Enscape.
    close to 100 million faces and ~6000 unique textures.

    It takes a couple of hours to open in Revit and up to 10 hours to send the data from Revit to Enscape. Afterwards you're able to walkaround in that project.

    They usually run the workstation 24/7 and just refresh the linked projects inside the opened Revit which gets displayed in Enscape.

    It has no effects if you bind linked files or don't use linked files. But if you have a lot of .IFC files in your project the Revit export to Enscape was much slower before Enscape

    That was the reason the Export was so slow in the above mentioned example.

    So maybe you can update to our latest release version. You can access the download section via the [About] button in Enscape.

  • Jonathan Knoefel

    Awesome Info bud, thanks.

    I've had this project in VR before with everything linked, not on this machine mind you, and it was a very bad experience, TV screen with black surrounds in the HMD.

    I have upgraded, did that as soon as I loaded Enscape the other day.

    What I'm taking from your last post is that if your rig has the chops it will just be a matter of loading times but will still run well?

    We have no IFC files as far as I know.

    I can't really afford to spend 2 days loading the experience to have it run bad, I'd rather use that time to split and fix the Model Files...


  • Morphus1 That's right, the performance should be well regardless the loading time.

    If you could send me feedback via the [Feedback] button, that would be great for further analysis.

  • Morphus1 and it depends on the used textures as well. They're not stored in the Revit file but can be huge as well.

    So using e.g. 10k textures images would also be a reason for slow export and the performance wouldn't be ideal as well.

  • Jonathan Knoefel

    Right buddy...

    I've uploaded the feedback file and tried to be a thorough as possible without giving away to much.

    Basically I got 3 of the 7 packages into Enscape and running but the performance was terrible.

    I've included my system specs in the feedback.

    If you can help great but I don't think there is anything you can do about this, it's purely what the Hardware/software is capable of at this point in time.

    Obviously if I was running a dual CPU, Multiple Tesla GPU system we might be able to get away with it. (Provided Revit and your software supported that.)

    Anyways looking forward to your feedback.