Glass Reflection Problem - Pink Noise

  • We have never seen this issue before. To help you, we need to know more. First, update your GPU driver. If the problem still occurs, click the Enscape feedback button so that we know your machine specs to reproduce the issue.

  • I'm an IT Technician and i've seen this many a time. It usually indicates a faulty/failing graphics card. These are graphics artifacts that start to appear when it struggles rendering. It is worth doing a clean install of your graphics drivers. Also, run a test program that will tax your graphics card, such as Passmark Performance Test and see if it displays any other symptoms.

  • Hi all..

    New user, still in demo mode - love it so far, but am having some issues with glass reflections in Revit 2017....anyone else having anything like this? Everything else seems to work great, but it doesn't like my glass....

    Using Bootcamp on a iMac (windows 7 64 bit); AMD Radeon R9 M290X graphics card....I have updated the driver, and do get a "warning" when starting Enscape....for some reason it doesn't seem to like this video this issue a result of the video card?

    Any workarounds??

  • Legobusier I've only seen such a behavior with overheating or damaged GPUs.

    Is this issue occurring right from the get go?

    Could you please send us feedback via the [Feedback] button in the Enscape ribbon of Revit?

    Please don't forget to insert your e-mail address and mention the forum connection.

    Thank you.