3D Connexion Space Mouse

  • That's a good question. If I was offered a refund due to incompatibility from 3Dconnexion, I'd hesitate to take it, as even though these issues are a pain, the experience of using a spacemouse with Enscape is so far superior to navigating with standard mouse and keyboard that it would be hard to go back. Presentations with the spacemouse are so smooth and professional compared to what is possible without. There's no comparison. As soon as I saw one used with Enscape I went out and bought one. I can get by with not using it in revit but I also have their Cadmouse which is on the same driver, and I can't get by with that one not working properly, which is what's brought me here.

  • ... and I was just to shop for a SpaceMouse for SKP & Enscape. So for now it's better to hold off?

    It takes a little getting used to but once you get the hang of it., you will never want to go back if you buy one.. particularly in Enscape. In sketchup your video card can get overwhelmed and it becomes less useful the larger the model. I just got a 1080 and now it is useful in almost every model. In Enscape you can move around like it is a preset video. I use it while working and while presenting. Currently you can make it work but you have to add some folders to your 2020 plugin folders and use the old driver outlined in earlier posts. This is a video I created for a sophisticated client of mine who wanted to be able to view enscape models in their office. They bought VR headsets but I was recommending they get one of these as the VR was more work then they often wanted to deal with. https://www.dropbox.com/s/s7ke…08-22%2016.07.35.mov?dl=0 One recommendation. The one I showed in this video is my travel space mouse. I greatly prefer the full one with all the programmable macros. I have it set up with dozens of functions undo redo select erase etc.. all of which I can do with my left hand. I originally bought one to reduce repetitive stress on my right hand (which it definitely works for) but even if my wrist was perfect would never go back to working without it. The "Space Mouse Pro" is the one I recommend unless you are traveling a lot.

  • Quick update: Our developers are looking into it, the cause of this behavior is not yet fully know, but I'll get back to you of course once I have further news.

  • Just wanted to give some feedback in this thread. I received a Spacemouse Pro as part of 3dconnexions "Test drive" program which lets you test a SpaceMouse for 2 weeks before shelling out hundreds of bucks. Neat.

    There was a bit of a learning curve involved but oh boy is working with this thing different than working with just a mouse. It's much smoother, much more intuitive and very nice to use. I can also imagine using this for client presentations which I imagine would be very satisfying. Contrary to a lot of others for me it works fine in Sketchup+Enscape and it works perfectly fine in the standalone .exe.

    That said, unfortunately there are some inconsistencies when it comes to using it in the Enscape window while working with Sketchup+Enscape. Setting the sensitivy while using Sketchup+Enscape does not seem to work due to the configuration utility always switching back to Sketchup. I also tried to use a standalone .exe to set the sensitivities there and come back to Sketchup+Enscape - unfortunately the sensitivities I set there did not translate to the use in Enscape while using it at the same time as Sketchup. Anybody found a fix for this?

  • are you sure the problem is the "sensitivity"?

    Depending on your graphics card the bigger the model the more trouble the space mouse has with the displaying the skp model only. In others words a small model in skp will be smooth as butter and work as expected, however a larger model will be incredibly jumpy and hard to control. Whereas in enscape the size of the model does not matter. Then as your graphics card power gets better the less this is problematic in sketchup. Ie I just recently upgraded to a 2080 super and only experiencnce this problem in extremely large models. My point is skp is a lot more work for the video card (not sure why.. just is) and so the space mouse is really not the issue but your video cards horsepower.

    At least thats my experience in the 10 yrs I have been using a space mouse. At a certain point with my older machine the space mouse became less useful in skp.

  • I'm not entirely sure even for now it seems so. One thing I definitely found is that the behaviour between standalone and use in connection with Sketchup is not consistent, that's for sure. Your approach might also make sense. I hope the devs can find a fix for this behaviour in any case.