Windows Mixexd Reality and Enscape.exe file

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  • We have created .exe standalone files of our Revit 2019 3D models to showcase our designs to clients. In some models using the Windows MR system Fly mode acts strange. Fly mode is activated and it shoots you upwards no matter if you are selecting towards ground level. Any ideas?

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    Hey winterriver1971 , these .exe standalones have been created using our latest release, correct? Could you please make sure that that is the case? :) If that doesn't help with resolving this behavior, is there any chance you could send in one of these files with a short instruction regarding how we can reproduce this ourselves? That would be very helpful! Also, any chance you're experiencing some performance problems when using these files with VR? Does lowering the "Rendering Quality" in the Settings (which you can access by hovering over the small flab to the left) help to avoid this?