Presenting to clients on Surface Book?

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  • Has anyone tried to present to a client with either a live Revit/Enscape session or an exported .exe on a Surface Book? What about an .exe with the Surface Book in tablet mode? Or do you really still need the discrete GPU? Hoping the Surface Book 3 has an RTX card in it, so we can use it for some light VR sessions too. What has your experience been?

  • The same system requirements stated here apply for Suface Books (or similar) as well when it comes to using Enscape (or its standalone .exe files of course). Just so you're aware. :)

    We have not used such a device to present Enscape yet, but should the device in general meet our "VR RECOMMENDED REQUIREMENTS" you can find in the linked knowledgebase article, then there shouldn't be any issues either when it comes to using Enscape VR with it.