Sketchup Crash: switching to axonometric view with section on

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  • Hi,

    I have a model with a parallel view and section turned on. Every time I switch to this view it crashes Sketchup and Enscape almost instantly, with no autosave or backup... It made me lose 3 hours of work, which is my fault, too, since I didn't save for that long, but also Sketchup's fault - why it didn't autosave that entire time, I have no idea. Can I send the Enscape team the file to see why this keeps happening? I know parallel views aren't supported but it shouldn't make Enscape crash.

    The file is 93MB and the forum doesn't allow that size of file.


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    CMacWilkins , thank you very much for your report.

    In the first instance, please make sure that your Enscape is up to date as described here. If you're already using our latest release, and you still experience these crashes, please send in a dedicated feedback report as described here! You can also send the project over (beforehand you can upload it to for example), but it shouldn't be necessary since the log files and/or machine information which gets submitted with the feedback report should already tell us what the problem is. :)