Starting Enscape...95%

  • Hi,

    I've update to the latest SU + Enscape v 2.5.3 of 29 jul + NVIDIA game driver

    Now enscape quickly builts up to 95% then hangs forever... :cursing:

    Any work around?

    Needed to and reinstalling everything? =O

  • timeless , please be so very kind to check for the following software and either disable it and/or deny the autostart when you boot your operating system:

    Asus Sonic Studio II

    Alienware Sound Center


    MSI Nahimic

    If you do not have the above software included, or disabling the software does not resolve the issue for you, then please send in a dedicated feedback report as described here. In the submission form, please also include your forum name so that we know it's from you. :)

  • Thanks @damien for the super fast feedback: none of the above mentioned tasks are on the list.

    The strange thing is that the bar builts up in split 2 seconds to 95%, than hangs... forever. Even no Enscape3D windows popping up

    I've submitted the requested FEEDBACK REPORT, hope it helps!