Toggle for continuos cloud/water movement

  • Currently water and the clouds stop moving approx 1sec after the view was altered last. This is even the case on Ultra settings which is mildly jarring when doing customer presentations. I know, perfomance reasons and all that but please, dear folks at Enscape: give us at least the option to keep water and the sky moving even when not looking around. As it stands Enscape does not support any animations whatsoever (except, well, the sky and water) so keeping those in motion gives at least some semblance of life in our presentations.

    Please, make this happen.

  • The reason why animations stop when the camera is not moving is not only due to performance (which is also important, since people tend to work with the CAD side by side and running Enscape will significantly drop the performance of any CADs real-time viewport), but also quality reasons. When stopping camera movement we do accumulate a couple of more frames with higher rendering quality (similar to when rendering an image). This wouldn't be possible with animated water/sky and we do think it's more relevant to have a higher rendering quality there. But we'll see, there might be some other solutions to this issue in the future!

  • Thanks for answering, Clemens Musterle . I get what you're saying though I still have to make the point - why not give at least the option to toggle this (or toggle it based on the chosen quality preset)? Having it jump from moving to a standstill again and again when doing standalone presentation is definitely jarring, recently customers even pointed it out while we were doing a presentation.

    At this point I'd honestly even take not having animated clouds and water whatsoever over having things grind to a halt after a second again and again.

  • This has been asked for before, and I get Clemens's explanation... BUT in programming there is an event you can detect when an application has (or is just about to) loose focus (i.e. the mouse/user controls switch away from Enscape to the native CAD package.) Is it such a stretch to maintain cloud rolling and water movement until Enscape looses focus?