another suggestion for a camera improvement

  • Whenever I adjust a new perspective (camera, scene, view...), I basically use SketchUp to do this - of course!! :-)
    To do so I activate "Synchronize Views" - Once I have adjusted my desired view, I disable "Synchronize Views" - for example, with the intent to enable Enscape´s Two-Point Perspective.

    Now an Enscape camera bug happens: The moment I disable "Synchronize Views", Enscapes camera jumps to any not wanted nonsens place instead of staying where it was set. This camera behavior is so much annoying. So, please please please disable this strange camera behavior - as soon as possible !!!

  • Hey EGIE , thanks a lot for your report. :)

    Egie, is there any chance you could take a video recording of this behavior? Once you disable the "Synchronize Views" it should simply take over the initial FoV you defined in your settings, and the general perspective should be the same. Also, which version of Enscape are you using exactly? Please kindly make sure that you're up to date as described here.

  • ... :thumbup: Hi Demian Gutberlet thanks for your interest
    Yes, I was able to video-capture the described weird camera behavior.
    As for the version updates, I'm never sure what's current or not ;). As far as I think I'm running the current regular version, but not the existing 2.6... preview. My Enscape doesn't give me the info you described in your link above (I also caught this behavior at the end of the linked video)

  • this is happening because the field of view in enscape and the field of view in sketchup are not the same. Make sure the field of view in the sketchup perspective mode and the slider in the enscape settings are the same and this should not happen.

  • Hi Tyler, thank you so much for your advice and help :thumbup::)

    I captured again an attempt to take into account your FOV hint. Nevertheless, I do not manage to understand the (for me!!!) so strange camera behavior of enscape - From my point of view, this works neither intuitively nor logically...

    If I'm not completely on the wrong path, the Synchronize Views function should synchronize all camera settings - so why aren't they appreciated in the Enscape Settings window then?

    I'm just trying to preserve in Enscape a camera setting made in SkUp - so I need some more help, how I need to do that :?:;)

  • I understand what you are saying now. The best solution now until this is fixed, because it is a issue with enscape, is to make note of what field of view enscape gives you in the settings with the views synchronized, then once you de-sync switch the enscape slider back to that number and they should match up. The x,y,z position of the camera and the focal location should be the same, it is just the field of view that is off. It is a small inconvenience I hope the enscape team can fix.

  • the best way to match enscape view with sketchup view is by capturing the angle from Enscape. But this only works prior to 2.6 update. You can set your view and 2 point perspectives from enscape but before you click the create view button make sure you uncheck the 2 points from enscape first. the view created will not be 2 points but if you make it 2 points in sketchup it will be the same as in enscape