Virtual Desktop + Oculus Quest ?

  • Hi!

    I wonder if anyone has tried running Enscape on the computer and stream it to Oculus Quest using virtual Desktop?

    I read that it works when playing games but want to know if it runs smooth with Enscape too and is it possible to look around ?

    Regards David

  • Hi.

    I have tried it at it works pretty well, very much depends on your wifi (5ghz is preferable) and wifi congestion in your area also plays a part.

    For me, the delay/latency is still to high. There are quite a lot of rumours the oculus is coming with their own streaming solution (oculus connect is just around the corner).

    Also remember that the streaming feature in virtual desktop is sideloade only.

    also see this forum thread

    Next Gen 2019 VR Headset support

  • davidT , thanks a lot for your post. :)

    As mentioned by tobiasolsen , definitely check out the thread! I'm not sure how well it would work using virtual Desktop, but we've already received a few positive reports when it comes to streaming Enscape into the Oculus Quest using ALVR / Vridge + StreamVR, there are also probably even more solutions available.