Shrubs Not Showing Correctly in Latest Versions like Older Versions

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  • I'm having trouble with bushes and trees showing up correctly. I am working together with another user and he has inserted bushes in the Revit model, but his Enscape rendering shows the bushes completely different then mine. Any ideas why this is happening. We are working from the same Revit file and have made sure everything is exactly the same on the Revit side of things. He has Enscape Version I have the latest. I do not want to update his version because of the issue.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

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    Hi BMerk_RPAP

    are you inserting those bushes into your scene in form of RPC objects?

    If so, could you please check whether or not you're having different settings for this checkbox here?

    Alternatively, we have indeed improved the quality of our RPC replacements when releasing 2.0 - but they should by all means look better in the new version.

    Could you perhaps share some screenshots for comparison? Thank you in advance!

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    If the box is checked, RPC models are being replaced by models we provide (please notice that you have to restart Enscape once for the changes to have effect). If the box is unchecked, RPCs should show up as downloaded from Archvision.

    Are you sure it seems backwards? Was this the reason for your issue? Do they now look the same on yours and your coworkers computer?

  • Once I unchecked the box all the colors of the shrubs show up correctly. If I am understanding correctly, the RPC's that you provide do not have the colors or shape that RPC's have. (Refer to my screen shots which were taken after I restarted Enscape) That being the case is there going to be a better selection coming soon from your models?

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    Great to hear everything works correctly! You're right, the RPC replacement models we provide do not correlate exactly with the original RPCs they're replacing.

    They're merely high quality 3D models provided by us to replace the default set of RPCs included in Revit because they work better in a realistic 3D environment.

    Feel free to have a look at our RPC test project on this page for comparison what RPCs are being replaced with which 3D models.

    We're not planning to change these 3D models in the near future. They are not meant to be exact copies of the RPCs they are replacing, just a help for users that would otherwise just have access to the low quality RPCs.

    Apart from the different appearance, what don't you like about our 3D models? What would you expect to see in 'a better selection' of models?

    By the way, Archvision has released a beta of their '3D+ RPC Creator'. Maybe this could be of help for you? Have a look at this page for further info. EYRC Architects have described how they used this impressively in our latest blog post.