Copy Enscape texture settings from another material

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  • I would like to be able to apply the same transparency / bump / reflection setting that I have used on one material to another without having to flick between them and manually copy them - my suggestion would be:

    - A pipette button to the right of the Transparency, Bump and Reflection headers* (one for each) or/and this button would be accessible from within their respective tabs.

    - click once to turn the mouse to the pipette icon

    - this would let you click on any material within the native application window OR a name on the material list

    - the selected material's property would be coppied into the currently active material.

    - Another method might be to "Group" textures within the list and changes to the "master" group would change the "slave" groups?

    (* I would also like to copy the albedo texture seperate to all of the other albedo settings... perhaps all the texture settings in all the sections could have a separate pipette next to the trash icon?)


    A 'lock' icon beside the pipette - if active it would disable the ability to edit any settings for the specific property from within this material's dialogue: it would be locked to the 'source' material. Any changes to the source's settings for this property would automatically update the locked material's settings. If the user tried to edit them, a popup would tell them which material it was locked to and give them options to either "unlock" or "select source material" (or "cancel")

    Similar, but different: I would also like the ability to replace every instance of one texture with another texture - perhaps drag from one to another within the texture list? The one being dragged replacing the one it lands on-top of. (With user confirmation.)

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    Thank you very much for your detailed and constructive feedback Gadget ! :)

    I'll forward it accordingly to our developers. If there is anything else you want to add to it, let me know of course. ;)