Enscape in Sketchup pro on Mac

  • Hi,

    Because you can't run the enscape plugin in sketchup Pro on the macOs platform, you suggest to use Bootcamp.

    My experience tells me Bootcamp drivers are not really up-to-date anymore.

    Is there a possibility that the enscape plug-in runs on Mac using Parallels and not Bootcamp?

    Are there any Mac users that are using this software and have some experience?


  • I ran Win10\SU/Enscape on my MBP for a couple of years without any technical problems.

    Your right in saying that the card and drivers ain’t the best for E but you can improve the driver situation with custom drivers from here https://www.bootcampdrivers.com.

    Installing them is a bit of a fiddle and if you’re not familiar with Windows then it could be a bit daunting but it’s doable.

  • PhiMac , thanks for your post and welcome to our forum! :)

    I'm afraid Parallels does not support OpenGL 4.3 which is required for Enscape. The link which was shared by Paul should help though and we've already received multiple reports that they experience no issues when running Enscape inside Bootcamp. :) Maybe you can give it a shot and let us know in case you experience any problems!